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I've been thinking, and this thought in my head bugs me even though I am pretty sure it won't happen.

BUT, let's say that with this magic island the final trial will be to overcome what it presents to you.
Like, and I know I'm probably going to have trouble properly articulating this thought, what if we have a mix of "meet those who have died" (like Pyrrha) a "Jabberwock problem" and to wrap it up we have a fight. What if this "Jabberwock" has the power to make our characters see things, and the final trial is to fight it. So.....Jaune VS Pyrrha, Ruby VS Summer, Neo VS Torckwick.
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So, I'm thinking that Volume 9 will have two major things. One, a chance for the girls and Jaune to decompress after all the horror and stress they've been through. And second, the chance to stop bouncing from crisis to crisis and actually start planning long term. The end of volume 3 had RNJR set out with that as their goal, investigating Cinders Haven Academy ties. Since V5 though, they've been stuck in dealing with short term problems, mostly because OH MY GOD EVERYTHING IS ON FIRE JAMES PUT THAT BOMB DOWN OKAY CIVILIANS TO EVACUATE WORLD TO WARN WHERE'S THE RELIC WHAT DO YOU MEAN SALEM HAS IT WHAT HAPPENED TO THE WHALE?!