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I'm hoping to try and do some stuff to
try and generate activity. I do have the obstacle that I'm a very boring person, but I'll try.
On a similar note, would anyone be interested in a general chat sort of thread? I have times where I'd like to talk with people here to get closer to this community, but I don't have a particular threadworthy topic I want to talk about.
Would anyone be interested in a LGBT+ fanfiction thread? I was just thinking that I'd like to share my own fanfics here that touch on that area, but we don't seem to have a thread for that and I don't feel any of my stories deserve a dedicated thread.
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I think it'd probably be a good idea, but be warned, active membership on here is pretty low. Don't be surprised or discouraged if things aren't super active at first.
Right, thanks.
When I saw your username I thought I was having a stroke.