Path towards Harmony [AU Legend of Korra Quest]


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elective II is currently tied between music and international relations I if you'd like to jump in there. vote will officially close in two days.


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Winning vote:
[X][Mystery] Ask the ex-Equalists to help.
[X][Elective I] Urban Gardening
[X][Elective II] International Relations I
[X][Extracurricular] Join the Gardening Club (requires Urban Gardening)
[X][SP] Start now.

Korra, Farewells, and Greetings! (Month 9, part 1)

“ that’s what’s been going on. I’m not sure what to do...”

You watch as your parents take a moment to think over what you’ve just told them. Not having come any closer to a firm decision on Raava and Vaatu on your own, you decided it was finally time to talk to them about it. You also take the moment to shovel more of your mom’s delicious cooking into your mouth before you have to catch a boat to get to school.

“...Sweetie, I’m not sure what you should do either,” says Senna. “But if there’s any way we can help you, let us know. Maybe we can come along on that expedition?”

Tonraq, however, just gets up and starts walking out of the kitchen.

“Dad!? What are you...!?”

“Packing a suitcase. My little brother and I need to have a chat.”

“...Dear, are you sure that’s a good idea? You know how he is.”

“Huh? What you mean?” you ask her.

“Unalaq doesn’t back down... he always tries to force things to go his way. You know, when we found out that you were the Avatar, he tried to have you relocated to a compound up North. Only when a mob of angry spirits led by the dragon-eel spirit threated him did he back off.”

“He has to be up to something down in the South. I have to find out what it is and stop it!” declared Tonraq.

You tell him that you want to go with him... only for both him and your mom to declare that you still need to go to school. No fair! But despite your pouting and pleading, you end up heading to school anyway.

School itself is pleasant, if unexciting. The Dragon Flats School for Young Ladies is more on the traditional end when it comes to education, so that means lots of lectures... ugh. However, there’s occasionally more interesting moments of in-class discussion and group projects, even in something as dry-sounding as ‘International Relations’. To be honest, you picked that one since you felt that as the Avatar, you needed an awareness of what was going on in the wider world. You’re certainly going to end up with one by the end of the year, even if it won’t be complete since you’ll graduate before you could take the second half. Ah well, by that point, you can go out and see things for yourself!

As for your other elective... well, as much as you do actually like gardening, you signed up for this just as much to try and get more out of the Equalists. The class is taught by one of them after all, an older woman named Totola. She’s also the adviser for the Gardening Club, so there will be plenty of chances to talk to her later.

But today, the lot of you are out in one of the many gardens in the Dragon Flats, the one the belongs to the school. This club is one of the most popular ones in the school, but you only really spend time with one of the girls in the club – Vanra. She’s descended from the Water Tribe like you, and you’re the only ones in the club.

“Are you going to have another match in Phoenix City soon?” she signs to you.

“Yes. Do you want to see it?” you sign back.

She nods enthusiastically, and you make a note to get her directions later. Your next match is going to be against The Speed Hawk, one of the Four Flames. You need to decide how you’re going to approach that match... he’s not going to be push over like the last two guys were.

[][Duel] Go all in on offense.
[][Duel] Be heavily defensive.
[][Duel] Be flexible and evasive. (1.25x)
[][Duel] Be adaptive to the situation. (1.25x)
[][Duel] (write-in for a more detailed approach)

You have a few days to prepare for that match, meaning you have time to do other things in between training and meditating if you want. You could go check up on the various investigations, see how the local spirits are doing, visit Asami and Biyong... lots of options. Ah, but right now, you need to focus. The plants aren’t going to take care of themselves! ...well, they can but that’s not important right now!

After you’re all done with your work for today, you head down to the river that runs between Uptown and Dragon Flats to meditate. The monks at Air Temple Island say it’ll help with learning spirit projection... so far, you don’t feel like it’s doing anything, but you’re willing to be patient and go along with it a bit longer. As you arrive, you see many people down there, some relaxing, some fishing, and some also meditating.

One woman in particular stands out with her dark skin, golden eyes, and Fire Islander robes. She occasionally comes around to do a Fire Dance beneath the bright sun. You haven’t spoken to her yet, but you’ve been curious about her...

[][Dancer] Go and talk to her.
[][Dancer] Not today.
-[][Dancer] Visit Asami when you’re done.
-[][Dancer] Visit Biyong when you’re done.
-[][Dancer] Visit Amon when you’re done.
-[][Dancer] Visit (write-in) when you’re done.

QM Note: The ex-Equalists are currently working on the investigation in the background.


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karmaoa said:
We never voted to watch a match of any of the Four Flames but; what does Korra know about Speed Hawk's fighting style? The name sounds speed and evasion-focused, but the Komodo Rhino guy sounded like a defensive fighter and was instead focused on firepower.
R2Walker said:
speed hawk's name is 100% accurate. he's lightning-fast, sometimes literally (though he can only do that trick for a few seconds at a time), though his fire-bending is merely adequate.

as for the four flames themselves, i may as well give all their stage names. we have...

The Komodo Rhino (heavy offense)
The Speed Hawk (high speed)
The Tigerdillo (defense/counterplay)
The Dragon Lady (most skilled bender)

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Winning vote:
[X][Duel] Be heavily defensive.
[X][Dancer] Go and talk to her.

Korra and Fire Dancing (Month 9, part 2)

...and now is just as good as any other time to go and talk to her, so that’s what you’re going to do! You can always meditate later. The woman is on the Uptown side of the shore, so you have to make your way to the nearby bridge to cross before you can get close to her.

When you do, she briefly glances at you and continues in her dance.

You decide that rather than sitting around and waiting for her to finish, you’ll do the same. As soon as you start, she smiles at you and waves you over to join her.

The oldest and original form of Fire Dancing is, of course, the Dancing Dragon. It’s one that you know and you suspect that she knows it too... but that’s not what you’re doing here. At some point between the end of the Hundred Years War and now, Fire-benders started developing new Fire Dances, and you’re doing one of those now. This particular one is not familiar to you, so you do your best to copy the woman’s movements... which are soft and flowing, so similar to the forms of Water-bending...

In fact, not long into the movements, water starts moving around you, even though that’s not what you were going for. Frustrated, you stop.

The woman also stops. “Is something the matter?” she asks, concerned.

“No!” you deny. “Let me just try again...”

“Very well. Follow my lead...”

But it’s the same deal... you can follow the movements fine, but Water is moving with you instead of the Fire that moves with her. You breathe out a stream of Fire in frustration and stomp off in a huff to sit by the river. The woman follows you, sitting next to you by the shore as small boats and swimmers pass by.

“Something’s troubling you, Korra,” she says rather than asks. “Would you like to talk about it?”


You mention the challenge the Four Flames offered you, as well as how your duel against The Komodo Rhino went and how you have a match with The Speed Hawk coming up.

“I see... you’re taking his advice to heart, that’s good. But you must be patient. Did you really expect to grasp the true form of this dance in one go?”


She just gives you a disbelieving look.

“...okay, yes, but-!”

She interrupts you. “No buts! There are no shortcuts in bending. You know that.”

“I do! It’s just...”

You sigh.

“...the basics came so easily to me, so... I guess I thought that everything else would too.”

“Oh, the young prodigy type, huh?”

You nod.

“The most important thing, I think, is to not give up just because things don’t work out the first few times. Some things will just be more difficult to learn that others. You need to work with yourself, not against yourself.”

“Yeah... yeah, you’re right!”

You get up, more confident.

“I’d like to try again, Miss...”


“Miss Rika. Shall we?”

“Of course!”

You try again and again... and while the Fire isn’t coming out just yet, you feel yourself getting closer and closer. It’ll happen one day.... hopefully before you face The Dragon Lady. But as for the Speed Hawk, you’ve decided to focus on defensive forms, so you also ask Rika to help you with that... as long as doesn’t mind, that is.

She giggles. “Not at all!”

“There must be something I can do to repay you,” you insist.

“Oh no, no, no! I’m fine. But... if you insist on doing something...”

(This will be handled after your match. Choose one.)
[][Side] “The light and dark spirits are getting into fights. Mind settling things?”
[][Side] “There’s been fights breaking out between people that you could stop.”
[][Side] “Roaming bandits have blown in that the locals are having issues with.”
[][Side] “A hostile spirit has been haunting folks, so maybe you can talk to it?”

“Sure! I’d love to help!”

“Why thank you! Now then...”

She summons flames from her hands.

“Let’s go!”




You spend the next few days working on the Fire Dance (which Rika calls “Fox’s Wedding Dance”, named by her mother) and sparring with her. You also spend time training on your own. However, you also had some amount of time left over for other things.

(Korra did three of these things off-screen.)
[][Main] Relax
-[][Main] ...with Asami
-[][Main] ...with Vanra
-[][Main] ...with Biyong
-[][Main] ...with her mom
[][Main] Meditate
-[][Main] ...worked on Spiritual Projection
-[][Main] ...attempted to connect to the Avatar Spirit
-[][Main] ...tried to talk to Aang
[][Main] Investigate
-[][Main] ...light and dark spirits
-[][Main] ...Amon and Tarrlok
-[][Main] ...the Order of the Golden Phoenix
-[][Main] ...(write-in)

QM Note: Next update will be the match!


Active member
[X][Main] Relax
-[X][Main] ...with Asami
[X][Main] Meditate
-[X][Main] ...worked on Spiritual Projection
[X][Main] Investigate
-[X][Main] ...Amon and Tarrlok

Korrasami! also I think we where alredy working on projection so might as well continue that
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Winning vote:
[X][Side] “A hostile spirit has been haunting folks, so maybe you can talk to it?”
[x][Main] Investigate
-[x][Main] ...light and dark spirits
[X][Main] Relax
-[X][Main] ...with Asami
[X][Main] Meditate
-[X][Main] ...attempted to connect to the Avatar Spirit

Korra vs The Speed Hawk! Part 1 (Month 9, part 3)

You wake up on the day of your big match eager to go, nearly throwing yourself out of bed once the sun hits your face. Ah, but you still have some hours to go until the match itself, so you stop yourself from rushing out. You head over to the kitchen and get to cooking yourself something simple: fish and vegetables with rice. Your mom’s still asleep, so you’ll have to do it yourself this time, but she taught you well so it’s no issue.

As you do so, you think over the past few days. Besides your training with Rika, you also spent time investigating the light and dark spirits, hanging out with Asami, and trying to connect to the Avatar Spirit.

You’ve found that the light and dark spirits are becoming more and more of a problem, though you’re not sure what to do about them. They exist in all sorts of types with all sorts of abilities... which they mostly use to fight each other, often drawing in bystanders. They’re careful not to do this where you can see them, which is why you’re just now finding out the extent of the issue. Many humans and neutral spirits have been driven out of their homes and spaces by the fighting... in fact the spirit Rika wants you to calm down was also a victim of this. You stop the fights that you can, but you’re not enough here, not by a long shot. The community police and various neighborhood groups are also doing what they can... but this can’t be allowed to continue.

(What should Korra do here?)
[][LDS] Drive out the light and dark spirits from the two cities. You will get pushback from those spirits for doing this, and they’ll start attacking you, but the locals and neutral spirits will be grateful.
[][LDS] Start planning the expedition, trusting the locals to handle things for now. You will get pushback for being seen as ’not doing enough’, but the light/dark spirits will calm down for now.
[][LDS] Something else? (write-in; QM will decide the positive/negative consequences)

What a hassle!

Thankfully, Asami is excellent at distracting you. She’s doing well, having just started her first year at RCU Dragon Flats. One day she takes you for a tour around campus, which is on the northern edge of the borough, on the outskirts of town. Unlike the other Republic City University campuses, which are fully urban, this one is more spread out and has lots of green spaces. Not surprising considering the green turn the city has taken over the past decade... in any case, there’s some artificial lakes there, so the two of you have a picnic there and let the day go by...

You also visit her at the Experimental Station, which is where you learn about a relevant project some of them are working on. There have been breakthroughs on using radio waves to detect objects, so they’re curious to see if those or other waves could be used to detect spirits. As it stands, only people who are highly spiritual can sense them, so it’d be a great help for most people. But you have a lot to do right now, so you’ll have to get back to them on that later.

Speaking of spirituality, you made a breakthrough in connecting with the Avatar Spirit!

...well, sort of.

You decided to try meditating to summon it while in the presence of the Artificial Spirit Portal. While it did take a few minutes for it to come out, it did in fact emerge... you could feel that great power and knowledge flowing through you...

Unfortunately, it only lasted for a few minutes. But it’s a start!

With some experimenting, you find that you have a be in a similarly spiritually charged location to summon it on your own. Otherwise, you don’t expect it to come out unless you end up in a life-or-death situation. But hopefully you won’t have to worry about that...


You turn to your mom, who looks like she just woke up. She yawns.

“Smells good... how long until your match?”

“A few more hours... can you take over from here? I want to go for a swim.”

“Of course!”

“Awesome! Thanks! Love you!”

“Love you too!” is what you hear as your run off, leaving the kitchen in your mom’s care.




Later that day, you’re in the ring in Phoenix City. Your opponent this time is The Speed Hawk. He’s a bit shorter than you, and slightly less muscular but doesn’t lack tone at all. He seems eager to go, bouncing on his feet.

“You seem more confident,” he says. “I guess you’ve been training.”

“You know it. I’m gonna take you down!”

“Hah! I’d like to see you try!” You can’t see his smirk, but you can hear and feel it.

Well, you’ll show him what’s what!

This time, you get a bigger reaction from the crowd once you’re announced. Your mom, Asami, Vanra, and Biyong are all here and sitting by each other. You also notice Rika in the crowd... and she’s next to some guy you don’t know and the rest of the Four Flames. You’ll have to ask her about that later. The Speed Hawk, however, gets the same massive cheer as the Komodo Rhino did.

Tch. Whatever!

Once the announcer declares the start of the match... neither of you attack at first. You get into your defensive stance, while he starts to generate lightning.

“Oh? An Earth-bender stance? You know this is an Agni Kai, right?”

“Oh, I know. Let me show you the results of my training.”

“I look forward to seeing it!”

With a shout, he redirects the lightning into himself. Crackling with energy, he lunges forwards, almost too fast for you to react.


He comes at you with a fire fist. You redirect the flames and block the punch. He turns and slips through your block, passing by your counter-attack. For behind, he moves in... but gets blocked by a sudden wall of flames. He gracefully leaps above them, attempting to kick down at you. You block it and sink down, then push out and blow him away with a burst of fire. Unfazed, he backflips away and lands on his feet.

“Nice! But that’s not enough!”

He spins around, surrounding himself with flames, and advances towards you. You back away to avoid the first attacks, figuring out the pattern, then you start blocking, and finally you made a counter-attack... unfortunately, he also hits you and you both get sent flying away.


You get up, and see that he’s already up. He looks unfazed, bouncing on his feet... but that’s just an act. He’s sweating and breathing heavily.

You get back into stance. Just a bit more... just a bit more!

(How should Korra continue?)
[][Match] Keep at it... you just need a good opening. He’ll make one. You know it.
[][Match] On the other hand, you can force him to slip up. Apply some pressure.
[][Match] Switching between defense and offense could also keep him off-guard...
[][Match] (write-in)

QM Note: Match concludes in the next update


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[X][LDS] Drive out the light and dark spirits from the two cities. You will get pushback from those spirits for doing this, and they’ll start attacking you, but the locals and neutral spirits will be grateful.

[X][Match] Switching between defense and offense could also keep him off-guard...

If we are staying in the city for a while its better to be on good terms with the locals and besides its not pissing off all the spirits.


Alchemic Anarchist
Winning vote:
[X][LDS] Something else? (write-in; QM will decide the positive/negative consequences)
-[X] You can't stop all of the spirits from fighting and you also can't let them draw in bystanders, so maybe you can organize it instead? Set up a place for the spirits to fight and force them to fight there, instead of all over the two cities.
[X][Match] Keep at it... you just need a good opening. He’ll make one. You know it.

Korra vs The Speed Hawk! Part 2 (Month 9, part 4)

You decide to keep going as you have. He can’t keep this up forever. And when he makes an opening for you... you’ll take full advantage.

From his hands, he makes a sword of flames, and wields it with his left, whiles making ribbons of flame with his right. You respond by making two flame daggers and waiting patiently. What’s he doing? This is some kind of sword dance, right? He’s spinning around in his wavy flames and...

...ah hah! He’s cloaking his movements. You sense more than you see the lightning he’s generating.

In the blink of an eye, The Speed Hawk is nearly on top of you.


On reflex, you redirect his attack to the side... but he’s moving so fast that you don’t have an opportunity to strike back. It goes on and on like this for some time before you start to catch on... but even then, he starts mixing up his movements. You force him back with a wall of flames once more, not letting him stay in close, but also unable to strike him down.

You growl under your breath... but, you need to keep going like this. At least for a little bit longer...

You know he can’t keep this up for too long while you have stamina to spare.

In fact, you decide to taunt him. “What’s the matter? Your engine run out of steam?”

“Hah... hah... not at all!”

You can feel the heat radiating off of him, as he starts to spin around once more.

“In fact, I’m just getting warmed up!”

He becomes surrounded by a fire tornado... and then he stops, sending out waves of spinning flame! You can’t back away without throwing yourself out of the ring, so you have no choice but to force your way through! You counter-spin to dispel the flames...

“Got you!”

...which is exactly what he wanted.


It was a distraction! You dodge the first attack – a stream of flames from his fist – but the second one – a crescent of flames from a heavy kick – gets you and sends you flying... and nearly out of the ring! You thankfully took your boots off before this, and so can release bursts of fire from your feet to reorient yourself in the air. Doing this without any Air-bending at all is odd, but you have no choice here.

Speaking of no choice, The Speed Hawk is already closing in again!

He’s joining you in mid-air, where he thankfully is much closer to your speed. You let him get in close, and just when he thinks he got you, you surprise him with a gut punch, followed by an elbow to the face and a wave of flames to send him back to the ground.

He flips away to recover, but is noticeably shaken. Parts of the crowd are roaring in your favor for once as you land and get back into stance. It seems like an even split...

While the fight does continue for a bit longer, it became clear from that moment that you’ve overcome his advantage, so you’re not surprised when the match goes all the way to time and it’s ruled a draw.

Oh man... you’re exhausted. But it was worth it. Your normal way of fighting wouldn’t have even gotten you this. The two of you give each other a firm handshake and the air around you both is writhing with heat... looks like he wants a rematch too.

“Good match!” you both exclaim to wild applause.

You both then head backstage to a small lounge area. You flop onto the couch to rest while he goes over to a jug of water and starts chugging it, removing his mask to do so. He’s quite a handsome man, with thick eyebrows and short spiky hair framing his lean face. He speaks first glancing at you with his now soft golden eyes.

“I guess Rika’s been training you?” he asks.

“Yep. How do you know her?”

“We’re family. Cousins, to be clear.”

“Huh... neat. ...wait, she does she live in Uptown while the rest of you are over here?”

“Well, that’s family history.”

He winks at you.

“Don’t see why I should tell you unless you’re wanting to join us.”

You stick your tongue out at him. “Not even!”

He chuckles, and takes another big sip of water.

It’s after that moment that you feel it, and promptly fall off the couch.

“Korra!? You okay?”

“My ears... what’s going on?”

There’s some pressure on your ears that’s extending to your whole body. It’s giving you a headache... actually, your whole body is suddenly aching. You manage to stand up on your own, though you’re a bit shaky. As you’re doing so, four men dressed in golden suits pile into the room. Three of them are wielding electro-sticks and the fourth is holding what looks like a small radio, but is clearly the source of the pressure.

“Avatar Korra... mind coming with us?”

You try to blow them out of the room with some Air-bending... only to find that nothing comes out when you punch out at them. You panic for only a moment before you realize that odd radio must be the cause of this. There’s another exit behind you and The Speed Hawk that leads outside... on the other hand if you could just smash or shut off that device, you could show them a thing or two!

(How should Korra approach this?)
[] Fight! Try to smash or grab the small radio from them.
[] Fight! Knock the trio out first, then confront the fourth guy.
[] Retreat! You need more than just the two of you.
[] Split up! You stay here while The Speed Hawk gets help.
[] (write-in)

QM Note: Plots are in motion...


Alchemic Anarchist
Winning vote:
[X] Split up! You stay here while The Speed Hawk gets help.

Korra in captivity... (Month 9, part 5)

The first thing you do is throw the couch with all your might at the men in the golden suits.

The second thing you do is yell at The Speed Hawk to run and get help.

The third thing you do is barely dodge an electro-stick attack to your face.

You lunge backwards, noticing that The Speed Hawk is long gone and the others aren’t bothering to follow him, as one of the men in golden suits continues to go on the attack. You remember... these sticks, they can only be used while wearing special rubber gloves. If only you could shred them with Air-bending!

Well, it looks like they were in fact after you... or maybe they just think they’ll be able to catch The Speed Hawk later. Regardless, it’s three on one...

...perfect. They need the handicap, even with the strange radio signal suppressing your powers.

First of all... they can still be hurt by the sticks. You show this by shoving one of the men into the others. It looks like their golden suits are conductive for some reason, so most of the energy gets re-routed to the battery pack. But the blow itself from the sticks still hurt, along with the heat from the conductive paths heating up, so he’s down for now.

Second of all... once the charge is dissipated, it takes time to re-charge. After making one of the men waste his two shots, you take him out of contention with a heavy blow to the gut. The last one doesn’t give you time to grab gloves from either of the downed men though, continuing his offensive pressure. And the dead sticks would hurt you more than help if you tried to wield them bare-handed.

That said, the hits he does get are extremely painful. Electricity wildly runs through your body whenever a blow lands, making you stagger. Sure, you can recover fast enough... but if you take too many hits in a row you’ll be out for good. So, what you need to do is...

“Got you!”

...grab that radio.

“Not happening, kid.”

Unfortunately, the man holding the radio was prepared for you to do that. In the time between his allies attacking and you making an opening to reach him, he’s put on an electro-glove. And the instant you’re in range to get the radio, he swings that hand back and presses his gloved hand against your stomach hard.

“Ugh!?!?! Gah!!!!!”

The discharge blasts through you, disorienting you thoroughly. You can barely feel your body... you’re pretty sure you’ve fallen to the ground, but your vision is blurry too.

“Alright, you two know what to do.”

You cry out in pain as you receive two more shocks and then you black out...





You hear a voice before you can open your eyes to see anything.

“Huh? Oh hey, you’re awake. Boss! She’s waking up!”

“It’s about time...”

You hear footsteps. You try to open your eyes... but even when you do, you don’t see anything. Are you being blindfolded? You can also feel that both your arms and legs are in restraints. You’re in what you think is a metal cage, based on how it feels and the sounds it makes when you touch it.

“...what... what is this!? Where am I!? Who are you people!? Let me go!”

“That’s a lot all at once, kid. But no, we’re not letting you go. We need you out of the picture for a bit.”

“What!? No!”

You try to struggle out of your restraints, but they’re not budging at all.

“When I get out of here, I’m gonna teach you a lesson!” you exclaim.

“Hah. Good luck with that. By the time you figure out how to escape, we’ll have accomplished our goals... or be long gone. Would have been nice if we grabbed Naijo too, but oh well. The distraction from kidnapping you is good enough for our purposes.”

“You... what do you want!?”

“I told you... we just need you to sit tight for, oh, about a week or so.”

A week? What could be happening in the next...?

You gasp.

“The People’s Council meeting!”

“Yep, you figured it out. Good thing for us you’re stuck here.”

“I’m gonna... urgh! Ahhhhh!”

You struggle more against your restraints... but you’re too exhausted and make no progress. Your stomach starts growling too. The man calls for his subordinate to come and get something for you. By the smell, you think it’s fried eel. A door opens and the smell is right next to you... you don’t have the energy to try and escape now, so you just accept the food.

“You’re with the Order of the Golden Phoenix, right?”


“You’re not gonna win. You lost before and you’ll lose again.”

“You seem confident.”

“I should be. I know these people; I’m one of them. You can’t defeat us.”

“Heh. We’ll see about that.”

After feeding you, the man departs... and the pressure from those odd radio waves also dissipates. You wiggle in your cell and you can feel some air currents start to move around you. You’re gonna need more than that to bend your way out of this, though... on the other hand, the others know that you’re gone, so they have to be mounting a search for you.

The thought of doing nothing makes you angry, but maybe that’s the smart thing to do here... you’re not really sure either way.

You sigh. What a fine mess you’ve gotten yourself into!

(What should Korra do now? Approval voting allowed; options proceed in proportion to how many votes they get.)
[] Sit tight. The others are coming.
-[] Attempt to get information.
--[] About the Order of the Golden Phoenix: (may write-in specifics)
--[] About this place where you’re being held captive: (may write-in specifics)
--[] About that odd radio and its effects on you: (may write-in specifics)
--[] About something else: (must write-in specifics)
-[] Meditate. Focus on...
--[] Spirit Projection
--[] The Avatar State
--[] Air-bending
--[] Blood-bending You can’t feel the Moon from here
--[] Metal-bending You can’t move enough to do this
[] Attempt to escape!
-[] (must write-in details)


Active member
[X] Sit tight. The others are coming.
-[X] Attempt to get information.
--[X] About the Order of the Golden Phoenix: (may write-in specifics)
-[X] Meditate. Focus on...
--[X] Spirit Projection

This seems like a more useful plan then anything I'd write in. Info can help after we get out while Spirit Projection would let us lead help here or warn others about the attack on the People's Council.


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Senna and Phoenix City (Month 9 Sidestory)

Senna wasn’t sure at first why Korra was so insistent in participating in duels in Phoenix City. Her daughter had inherited her husband’s impulsive and combative nature, to be sure. But then... there were matches in Republic City as well. So why Phoenix City in particular? Korra claimed that she’d otherwise never visit that city, and wanted to know more about it... but surely there were ways other than fighting people, right?

Senna didn’t get it at all... and she had no problem admitting that. Despite her skill with Water-bending, she abhorred violence. But Korra was different. She craved battle. It went beyond the mere hotheadedness she inherited from Tonraq... something about being in the ring called to her, in a way that it didn’t to either of them.

So, she and Tonraq let Korra sign up, and contented themselves with standing on the sidelines as their child developed into a skilled fighter.

At least, that was the initial plan, but then her husband went off to the North and Asami offered to buy her a ticket to Korra’s big upcoming match...

...sure, why not watch it?

That was how Senna ended up in Phoenix City for the first time.

The first thing that stood out to her was how tall the city was. She had grown up in a small village on the Southern Ice Cap, and then relocated to a small village on Spirit Portal Island not long after Korra was found to be Avatar. Small was what she was used to. But this place... it was built at the foot of a mountain, and it was accurate to say that it had merged into the mountain. In particular, buildings could be found packed across its surface all the way to the top of the mountain where the Phoenix Castle, former home of Azula and crown jewel of Phoenix City, resided. It was clear that the better houses were closer to the top of the mountain, though the disparity didn’t seem so large to her eyes. Public transportation, such as cable cars and Fire Lifts, are commonplace and in constant motion. She, however, just walked over to the Arena from where the Ferry dropped her off, which is where she found Asami, Biyong, and Vanra waiting for her.

Not long after she arrived, the match between Korra and a man called The Speed Hawk began. It was a flaming spectacle, to be sure... and watching it, Senna could start to understand why Korra wanted to participate in the first place. It’s obvious from the way she’s carrying herself that she’s having the time of her life down there!

For Senna, fighting was all about domination and suffering... that’s what she remembers from being taught about The War and what it did to her people. But Korra... her experiences have been so different... it’s no wonder that she’s like this.

And maybe, Senna thought, she might also want to consider how she relates to her own bending, which she barely even uses anymore...

But the match is over soon enough, and the four of them don’t stick around for the next match. They’re all sitting around in the large lobby, waiting for Korra to appear, when they’re instead greeted by two strangers. One is a dark-skinned woman with golden eyes and the other is a light-skinned man with icy blue eyes. They introduce themselves as Rika and Zumaq, and Rika promptly starts bragging about how she trained Korra to stand up against The Speed Hawk and how Korra’s going to take down The Dragon Lady too. Zumaq tells her not to get too far ahead of herself, and they start to argue briefly. But once that ends, you all start to chat casually once more.

That’s when it happened.

Suddenly, a smoke grenade went off. Then another and another... the air grew think and cloudy. What was happening?

In the dusty world, Senna could see shapes moving... but the moisture in the air was crowded out. There was nothing she could do to stop them... That’s not how her daughter would think, and not how she should either.

She breathed, and a fine mist spread out from her breath. She could then see them... men in gas masks, about to grab Asami and Biyong!

Zumaq had done the same thing, and he and Rika were now on the attack... it was time for her to do the same. She quickly breathed out an icy wind, and the men were forced to back off. Asami, now that she could see, put on one of her electric gloves and got into a fighting stance. Vanra joined her in battle, while Biyong remained close to Senna due to her non-combatant status.

She also saw that a monk from Air Temple Island was here and blowing away the rest of the smoke... good. The mercenaries, seemingly prepared for that, tried to force their way out, but failed and were all captured.

It was then that an unmasked Speed Hawk emerged and delivered the bad news.

He and Korra had been attacked!

Naturally, she dropped everything and rushed backstage with him, joined by Asami, Vanra, and Rika. But by the time they arrived, it was too late.

She was gone.

That was hours ago and they still had no idea where she might be. The mercenaries weren’t talking, despite the efforts of the community police. No demands or ransom note had been left either. The security detail for the Arena that day were later found dead, and so could not speak. Searches locally had turned up nothing, though the caverns were deep and still being explored, as were the nearby surroundings.

She was simply gone.

It was while the group of Senna, Asami, Biyong, Vanra, Rika, and Zumaq was waiting in the Phoenix City police station, a small building tucked on a street roughly halfway up that mountain that she arrived. The former matriarch herself, the once leader of the people of Phoenix City, and the now retired and reclusive old woman...

“Excuse me, are you perhaps Miss Senna?”


“...Yes, I am. What could Miss Azula want with me?”

“First... an apology. Second... to help you rescue your daughter.”

“...! You know where she is!?”

Everyone in the building was listening in at this point.

“I have my suspicions. If the ones who planned this are who I think they are, then I know exactly where Korra is being kept. The officers won’t be able to find it. It’s not on the cave maps.”

“...So then, who did it?”

Azula gave a deep sigh. “My own children, of course.”

QM Note: Vote remains open.


Alchemic Anarchist
vote closed. winning vote:

[X] Sit tight. The others are coming.
-[X] Attempt to get information.
--[X] About the Order of the Golden Phoenix: (may write-in specifics)
-[x] Attempt to get information.
--[x] About that odd radio and its effects on you: (may write-in specifics)
-[X] Meditate. Focus on...

--[X] Spirit Projection (x4)


Alchemic Anarchist
Winning vote:
[X] Sit tight. The others are coming.
-[X] Attempt to get information.
--[X] About the Order of the Golden Phoenix: (Result = 47; bare success!)
-[x] Attempt to get information.
--[x] About that odd radio and its effects on you: (Result = 93; great success!)
-[X] Meditate. Focus on...
--[X] Spirit Projection (x4) (Result = 72, 72, 19, and 47; ??? success)

...and Korra’s spirit flies free! (Month 9, part 6)

As much as it frustrates you to sit here and do nothing... it’s the best option as long as they have that odd radio. Speaking of which, you decide that you need to figure out as much about it as you can while you’re stuck here.

“Excuse me? Is anyone there?”

Footsteps, heavy and deep, rooted in the ground. Is this person an Earth-bender?

“Yeah, what’s up?” someone asks in a deep, gruff voice.

“What was making that odd noise before? It was giving me a headache...”

“Oh that? That’s an Anti-Spirit Radio. I hate it too, messes with my seismic sense.”

So, he is an Earth-bender. Is he a mercenary or a friend of theirs?

“Can you tell me more about it?”

You feel his skeptical gaze upon you.

“Why exactly should I do that?” he asks.

“Uhhh... well, you know, I’m somewhat of a scientist myself, so I was curious...”

“Hmmm... hold tight.”

“Can’t really do much else...” you mutter as the guy walks off. When he returns, there’s someone accompanying him that lacks rootedness with the ground. The newcomer is chattering excitedly about being able to study the Avatar, while the other guy is mostly silent. More importantly, the odd pressure is back, so he must have a radio on him.

“Hello, Avatar Korra! Terribly sorry about this imposition; these people are utterly paranoid about you somehow escaping. Can’t imagine how with how thoroughly you’ve been restrained... Anyway, I heard you had questions about the Anti-Spirit Radio? As long as you cooperate with us, I have no problems answering them. I actually have some questions for you as well...”

“Sure, but me first.”

“Absolutely! The floor is yours.”

The man – whose name you never manage to get – was involved in making this Anti-Spirit Radio, as a part of a larger team of researchers. He and the other guy are both from the Southern Earth Republic, only here to support the Order of the Golden Phoenix in their plan. Looks like the two are connected somehow...

As for the radio, it was developed due to a breakthrough in spiritual research in the Southern Earth Republic, developments that were kept out of the public eye. After all, this was developed as a way to control and suppress bending, which would naturally lead to backlash due to bending’s popularity even with non-benders. By playing radio waves through a spiritually-charged medium at specific frequencies, the flow of chakra through the body of anyone unfortunate enough to be nearby can be disrupted, thereby preventing bending from working properly... or at all, which is what the new and improved models are capable of.

When you ask what they’re to be used for, you’re told to figure it out yourself. Well, the Republic City and Phoenix City area has the highest concentration of skilled benders in the world. Neutralizing all of them would make conquering the two cities much easier... not easy, of course, but more doable. So, they must have a lot of them... and they confirm that this is the case.

When you ask why the Order of the Golden Phoenix wants to do this, these two guys just tell you that they’re following orders and don’t know the full details. Great...

The scientist departs with the radio after asking you several questions about the Avatar Spirit that you answer to the best of your ability, and the other man walks off too, with a yawn. You’re not sure what time it is, but you’re too tense to sleep. Maybe you can try meditating and working on your spirit projection...

You wake up, not sure how much time has passed, but feeling much more rested. You must have fallen asleep while meditating... well, nothing left to do but to keep trying. Thankfully, since you appear to be cooperating, the radio is kept away. The only sounds around are those coming from your own body and the chatter of those meant to keep watch over you nearby... not ideal, but good enough.

You’re rooted in your body, so it’s hard for you to slip out. At first, you can only hold it for a few seconds at most, sinking into the cage to avoid being seen. You going like that, aiming to add a few more seconds at a time...

You wonder how the others are doing. Your mom must be worried sick. They’re probably searching for you right now... Do they know where to look? Did they run into trouble?

You hope they’re okay.

In the meantime, you also listen in to your captor’s conversations, trying to figure out more about them. Only a few of them are actual former members of the Agni Kai Triad. Most of them seem to be mercenaries, associates and relatives of former AKT members, and allies from the Southern Earth Republic. The SER is sponsoring the Order in their efforts to seize control of the city, though its never stated why. Your best guess is that destabilizing the Harmonic Republic means that you all can’t help if the South tries to outright conquer the North.

It’s a gamble... but they’re prepared to rig the odds in their favor.

You have to get out of here and warn everyone!

After what feels like hours, and after you’ve been fed once more, you’re able to project your spirit out for what you think is a few minutes. You decide that it’s time to act, and start looking around. The first thing is you notice is that you are in fact tied up in a cage inside of a cave. The second thing you notice is that you only have a light guard... there’s just two guys on watch, and they’re playing cards instead of paying attention to you.


You fly off, moving between the rocks, avoiding sight, going up and up... and you exit to the world above, on the side of a mountain. This place... you’re still near Phoenix City!


You turn, and see your mom, along with several others. The rescue party!


You feel yourself being pulled back into your body. You have to act quick!

“The radios! They can shut off bending! Smash the radios!” you shout as your dragged back into the ground, back into the caves, back into your body. One of those in the crowd – an older woman whose face you swear you’ve seen before – has a look of recognition on her face while no one else does, so you have to put your trust in her.

As you settle back in your body, you hear sounds of motion and men shouting at each other. So, they’re realized it too...

You hear the cage open and feel someone roughly pick you up. When you struggle out, several men grab you instead. Come on...

“Tch! All this for some brat! We ought to just kill her!”

“Are you mad!? You know what they’ll do to us if we kill the Avatar?”

“He’s right. Besides, she’s more valuable as a hostage.”

“Agreed. Now where’s that radio...”

An opportunity!

You flail as hard as you can while restrained and make the men fall over. As you fall to the ground, you hear the sound of something being smashed and a man shouting in rage. Also, you’re in contact with the ground, finally! But before you can do anything with this newfound state of affairs, a hand covers your mouth, a rod is jammed into your stomach, and you’re electrocuted once more.




You suddenly wake up from your bed... wait, bed? What?

You look around. You’re in a hospital bed again, but no one’s around. Your arms and legs are all free, though you’re sore all around and have a major headache. The curtains are open and the sun is brightly shining in the sky. You... weren’t you just...

You remember the shock, and you scream.

A nurse barges in. “Korra! What’s the matter, Korra!?”


You try to calm yourself down, but it’s not working.


There’s suddenly warm herbal tea in front of you. You take it and drink deep. The nurse tells you you’re safe now. You’re back in Phoenix City, so rest up.

Low on energy again, you do so.

Later on, you’re awake and visited by a large crowd. Not only are your mom, Asami, Biyong, and Vanra here, but there are also several members of the community police of both Republic City and Phoenix City, a small group of ex-Equalists, the Four Flames, Rika, and the old woman from before, who you now recognize as Azula. You tell the group everything you’ve learned about the Order of the Golden Phoenix and their plans, as well as about the Anti-Spirit Radios. You then insist on helping the community police and local militias deal with this threat, but you’re told to rest up instead and let the adults handle it. You point out that you’ll be an adult next month, but they don’t go for it. Azula, however, does promise to help out in your stead, and also mentions that she’d like to meet with you sometime soon.

Once the large crowd disperses, your mom, Asami, Biyong, and Vanra stick around and help you relax, and you’re out of the hospital by the time night falls, finally able to go home.

The next day you do nothing, but afterwards... well, there’s plenty you can do, even if you do plan on not getting involved any more with the Order of the Golden Phoenix. Such as...

(Korra did three of these things.)
[] Relax...
[] Talk (may write-in discussion points)
-[] ...with her mom
-[] ...with Asami
-[] ...with Vanra and Biyong
-[] ...with Azula
-[] ...with Amon
-[] ...with (write-in)
[] Meditate
-[] on Spiritual Projection
-[] ...attempt to connect to the Avatar Spirit
-[] ...try to talk to Aang
-[] ...train your bending: (Water/Fire/Earth/Air)
[] Investigate
-[] ...light and dark spirits
-[] ...the hostile spirit from Uptown
-[] ...the Order of the Golden Phoenix
-[] ...the Southern Earth Republic
-[] ...(write-in)
[] (write-in)


Active member
[X] Talk (may write-in discussion points)
-[X] ...with her mom
-[X] ...with Asami
-[X] ...with Azula

Talk with mum, gf and person who seems to know what's going on.


Alchemic Anarchist
Winning vote:
[X] Relax...
[X] Talk (may write-in discussion points)
-[X] ...with her mom
-[X] ...with Azula

Korra, Senna, and Azula (Month 9, part 7)

You end up deciding not to do anything major before the People’s Council meeting in a few days. Sure, you could investigate that hostile spirit in Uptown, or look into Tarrlok and Amon some more, or even start training for your match with The Tigerdillo at the very end of the month... but no. Now’s not the time for that, you think.

So, more relaxing... well, as much as you can. You’re still expected to do your schoolwork, and so Vanra and a few others come by to work with you on it. Strangely, Biyong isn’t among them. Maybe she’s busy? Well, you’ll be able to see her once you return to campus next week, after the meeting.

In any case, you spend time both at home and around the island clearing your mind. And one of those days, you run into the dragon-eel spirit. Said spirit was flying through the sky above you as you were walking through the forest on the opposite side of the island from the villages. This side is mostly full of wild animals and spirits, though some spirits do also reside among the people. This one, however, does not. As you exited from the woods and approached the shore, it came down towards you.

“Avatar Korra, are you well?”

“Mhm. Though I’m surprised you care.”

“On the contrary. It’s quite important to me that you survive, due to your role as the Avatar.”

“’re not exactly proving me wrong here.”

“Huh? What do you mean?”

“You don’t care about me, you just care about the Avatar.”

“...I suppose if you want to make such a distinction, then yes, you’re correct.”

“It’s an important distinction!” you shout at the spirit and then stomp off in a huff. It then flies back over to you, surprise clear in its expression.

“Apologies. I did not know it meant so much to you.”

“Hmph. You ought to be sorry...”

The dragon-eel spirit then lets out a loud and clearly fake cough. “In any case... as Korra, is there perhaps a matter I can assist with in defense of the spirits of Republic City? I have done what I can, but perhaps I have missed something?”


[][DES] Have him check up on the light and dark spirits
[][DES] Have him assist in defending the People’s Council meeting
[][DES] Have him see if any other spirits are in trouble
[][DES] (write-in; must be spirit related and based in Republic City)

After that, you return home to hear that your mom is on the phone.

“Dear, it’s your father! You want to talk to him?”

“Of course!” you shout, running over to her and talking the phone out of her hands. “Hey Dad! How’s it going up there?”

“Well, my brother is being his usual self... he’s been avoiding me. I’ll get my hands on him one of these days... but, never mind that! I called to check up on you! I heard about what happened at the Arena, and...”

“Oh! Rest assured, I’m doing just fine!”

“Excellent! Great to hear! I assume you’re resting up at home now?”

“That’s right.”

“Good, good... make sure to take it easy. Oh, speaking of taking it easy, let me tell you about your cousins. You remember Desna and Eska, right? They’ve opened a clothing shop recently...”

Your father goes on like this for some time talking about the sights and people at the Northern Ice Sheet as you egg him on for more and more details. You really would like to visit one day... but, that will have to come later. The call ends with you cheerfully telling him goodbye and hanging up... only for your mom to stop you before you can walk off.


She sighs, looking at you with a bit of discomfort.

“...we need to talk.” have to admit, you’re a bit confused. “About what?”

“About that match and what happened afterwards.”

You panic.

“Mom, hold on! That was just a one-time thing! It’s perfectly safe!”

“I’m aware... but that’s not what I mean. I saw how you looked during that match and I don’t want to take that away from you. The issue is all these other dangers you’re being subjected to, with the spirits, Tarrlok, and the Order...”

“Mom, I can handle it!” you insist.

“I know, I know... and even if you couldn’t, you’d insist that you could.”

...well, she’s got you there. You deflate a bit.

“You’re not going to make me stop, are you?”


She then gives a firm yet warm look.

“I want to help you. I want to be by your side.”

You hug her tight, and she reciprocates.

“Thank you...!”

“Of course.”

With that cleared up, she goes into detail about what she experienced after the match – the kidnapping attempt on Asami and Biyong, and Azula coming by to help them all out. She also mentions that you were found unconscious around a large pile of other unconscious and dead bodies, despite you having passed from electrocution before you could do such a thing. The Avatar Spirit must have come out then, you supposed. Your mom looked terrified at the thought that you were on the brink of death... and to be honest, you were a bit scared as well. But it all worked out in the end, so why worry?

Better to spend that time preparing for the next attack instead...

And speaking of preparing... you and your mom need to talk with Azula. Looks like she knows a lot about what’s going on, after all.

The two of you take a ferry over to Phoenix City and ask around for where she could be. You’re both expecting to be directed up to Phoenix Castle, or even towards some of the larger estates near the top of the mountain. Instead, you’re directed towards a small and plain house in traditional Fire Islands design that resides by the seashore. Lots of chatter is coming from inside. You knock and await a reply.

“Visitors?” ...that’s the Dragon Lady, so is this her house?

“I’ll get it!” ...and that’s Rika, but why is she here?

Sure enough, Rika opens the door for the two of you.

“Hello~! Oh, you must be here to see grandma!”

“Yes, is she... hold on, what?”

She lets you in without answering the question.

“Grandma, Korra and her mom are here!”

You and your mom give each other a look, and then enter the house, leaving your shoes by the door. You’re in a small living room where there’s five other people sitting around a table, all with golden eyes, sipping tea and chatting while eating rice balls. You recognize one of them as The Speed Hawk immediately, and the Komodo Rhino is pretty distinctive even if you’ve never seen him without his mask. So, the only other guy must be The Tigerdillo, and one of the women – probably the younger one – must be The Dragon Lady.

Out of a hallway emerges Azula herself, who seems quite composed despite your surprise visit.

“Miss Korra, Miss Senna, good to see you. I hope you are doing well, despite recent events?”

You nod, too confused to speak.

Azula frowns. “Is something the matter?”

“Err, no, it’s... umm...” you stumble on your words, not sure what to even say.

Rika takes her seat. “I think she’s just surprised at the crowd. I don’t think she knew that we were all related!”

“That’s because it’s not her business,” calmly states the older woman, who you’re guessing is Azula’s daughter by her age. “Why would she even ask?”

“Good point, mom.” eventually compose yourself and take a seat, as does your own mom and Azula.

You all then introduce yourselves and get to the topic at hand – the matter of the Order of the Golden Phoenix. The Order is a secret society founded by former members of the Agni Kai triad. They refuse to accept the new order of things and plan to put themselves back in charge of Phoenix City... and even to do what Azula could not and take over Republic City as well. The support that they’re getting from the Southern Earth Republic confirms to Azula that her other three children – who all fled there after the workers took over Phoenix City – are the ones directing said support. Their plan is likely to have the OGP take over Republic City and Phoenix City, and if not to at least disrupt them and create enough civil unrest to keep the Harmonic Republic busy and out of the affairs of the rest of the Earth Continent.

Which means another attack, one on the People’s Council meeting, is all but guaranteed, despite their recent setback.

This time, you’ll all be ready.

(During the meeting, what is Korra doing?)
[][PCM] Korra attends the meeting and speaks on relevant matters.
-[][PCM] Let the conversation flow naturally
-[][PCM] Bring up specific things: (write-in)
[][PCM] Korra does not attend in person, but is nearby on guard duty.
[][PCM] Korra is wandering around, looking for suspicious activity.
-[][PCM] Republic City
-[][PCM] Phoenix City
[][PCM] Korra goes to look for Tarrlok, since he might be interested.
[][PCM] (write-in)

QM Note: Senna automatically assigns herself to guard duty this time. In the future, you will be able to direct her as well.


Active member
[X][DES] Have him assist in defending the People’s Council meeting
[X][PCM] Korra attends the meeting and speaks on relevant matters.
-[X][PCM] Let the conversation flow naturally

These seem like a good balance of adding spirtual defences to the meeting and also helping Korra learn about politics but observing and doing.


Alchemic Anarchist
Winning vote:
[X][DES] Have him assist in defending the People's Council meeting
[X][PCM] Korra attends the meeting and speaks on relevant matters.
-[X][PCM] Let the conversation flow naturally

Korra at the People’s Council (Month 9, part 8)

The first morning of the People’s Council Meeting, the one you and the others were asked to be present at, started off normally. You and your mom woke up, ate a light breakfast of rice balls stuffed with fish, and then took a boat to reach Downtown. The meeting itself was being held in a large office building that on the outside looked no different from the rest of the buildings surrounding it. Only the large crowds outside, presence of television and radio equipment, and the sign that read “PEOPLE’S COUNCIL MEETING” gave any indication that something was different than normal. Notably, you are all not at the convention center that would normally be used for such an occasion.

As you and your mom arrive, you see that Asami, Biyong, and Vanra have already arrived and were amongst the crowd. In particular, the two of them were admiring the armor that Vanra was wearing. It was the blue wolf armor typical of the Southern Water Tribe, but the symbol on the chest was instead the symbol of the Harmonic Republic – a circle with four colors (red, blue, green, and yellow) in a swirl. She’s the first one to notice your arrival, and signs a greeting to you. You sign back while giving a good morning to everyone else.

“Good morning~!” replied Biyong.

“Morning. Ready to go?” asked Asami.

You nod.

There had already been news of an attack in Senlin on the Province’s Council meeting... or rather, of an attempted attack. The Senlin militia, with the assistance of the Zaofu Guard and Kuvira, detected the assailants early and completely crushed them, capturing or killing them all, taking no casualties in the process. They were found to be carrying the attire of the Fire Nation military and had arrived on a boat bought from Verrick Global Industries, despite all of them turning out to be citizens of the Southern Earth Republic. A similar boat had been spotted in the Republic City harbor, and those on it were arrested and found to be part of the same plot... but it turned out that many of those who were supposed to be on the boat were now hiding out somewhere.

But, they’d certainly come out of hiding soon enough.

Four of you enter the building while Vanra goes off to join those on guard. You briefly sense that the dragon-eel spirit has arrived and is scouting the skies before you decide to focus all your attention on the meeting. As you all enter the building, one of the building staff goes over to you and directs you to the meeting hall. The inside of the building, again, resembles a completely normal office building. In fact, when Biyong asks your guide about the building, he confirms that this is, in fact, a normal office building, which is being borrowed temporarily for the purposes of the People’s Council. The convention center that would normally be used was deemed a historic building, and so they wanted to avoid any damage to it in case an attack did still occur.

“Will that really work?” asked Senna.

“We have to hope so,” said the man.

After a few minutes, you all arrived at the meeting room, and the man let you go. They had taken several normally separate rooms and removed the walls to make one massive chamber. The hundreds of representatives sitting on the People’s Council had apparently been unfazed by the threat of terror, and all of them were in attendance, along with the delegation from the North Coast Autonomous Zone. They were seated at a series of long tables facing each other while those called to speak on various matters, such as yourselves, were seated of to the side. You all notice Azula among that group, and go to join her.

At the moment, the Council was discussing the matter that led them all to have to meet here instead of their usual place... the Order of the Golden Phoenix and their potential plans.

“Can we get to the point, please?”

“Yes... let’s. We are in great danger of being dragged into war against the Southern Earth Republic.”

“If they want a war so bad, why not fight?”

“How does a war help the working peoples of either our country or theirs?”

“Indeed, how does it... well, arming and supporting worker’s groups in the Southern Earth Republic is something we can do more of. They’re the ones who need to win a war, one for their own freedom.”

“Fighting fire with fire, in other words?”

“Precisely. I’m sure I don’t need to inform anyone here of the Radiant Movement, or of the various mutual aid societies, or of the continued pushes for labor rights and democracy despite all the state suppression... These are the seeds of a future society that can take the place of the current Southern Earth Republic.”

“Well, we may want to start with a clearer picture of what exactly we’re dealing with currently. I’ve been informed that Avatar Korra has finally arrived, so perhaps we may permit her to speak?”

After a quick vote, it’s agreed unanimously to have you come up and talk. You’re joined by your mom, Asami, Biyong, and Azula. You notice that Azula gets suspicious looks from several Councilmembers. One of them reminds the group that Azula has agreed to cooperate and to not let past misdeeds cloud current judgements, and that group lightens up... but only a little. You decide to step up to the microphone first, not getting any pushback from the rest of your group.

But before you can speak, several staff members burst into the room.

“Everyone! The attackers have arrived! The militia and other guards are holding them off as we speak!”

“And they followed the same routine as in Senlin, disguising themselves as Fire Nation soldiers?”

“No, it’s worse. They seem to have also acquired armor and weapons from the Southern Water Tribe!”

“What!?” you, and many others, exclaim in shock. How could that have happened?

Before you can shout about how you’re going to go down there and help out, several Councilmembers beat you to the punch, getting out of their seats and following the staffers out. Well, since the meeting is on hold and they need backup... and Azula follow them out, while Senna, Asami, and Biyong wait with the rest.




The attackers here seem to have learned a few lessons from their quick defeat over at Senlin... but they were still no match for the forces mustered by Republic City. Even with their anti-bending radios, there are so many skilled non-benders that the matter becomes nearly a non-issue. Besides, once the radios are found and destroyed, the benders can return to battle as benders. That said, your side does unfortunately take a few casualties in the process, both deaths and injuries. For example, you end up personally carrying Vanra off the battlefield after her leg gets broken by an enemy fighter.

Still, all the opposing fighters are captured or killed once more, and they all turn out to be either citizens of the Southern Earth Republic or Phoenix City residents who defected to that side.

You also briefly notice Tarrlok appear in the midst of battle, killing several enemy fighters, before he gets chased off by the dragon-eel spirit due to his evil miasma. So, he’s still around.

With that over with, you, Azula, and a large section of the People’s Council return to the meeting.

“As for the enemy fighters, they’re currently being processed by Lin Beifong and her people. We’ll be able to get more information out of the survivors later.”

“Assuming they talk. They seem quite insistent on not drawing ire towards the Southern Earth Republic, despite us knowing that they’re the source of all of this.”

“It seems clear that they want us to be confused and lash out at everyone except the actual perpetrators.”

“Well, their attempt has failed.”

“Before we continue, I believe we wanted Korra and Azula to speak?”

“Oh, yes, let’s give them the floor once more.”

Azula motions to you to speak first.

“I... I think we should strike back. We can’t let them keep doing this! Whether it means attacking ourselves or supporting fighters there, we have to do something!”

“I happen to agree,” adds Azula. “But we must also take care of our own local problems. Once the Order is dealt with, the ability of the Southern Earth Republic to damage us will be greatly diminished. I think you will find that the Order greatly assisted in getting all those fighters in the city undetected.”

“I suppose you know that from personal experience,” asks a member of the Council.

Azula doesn’t answer.

You, however, interject, much to her surprise. “Leave whatever issues you have with her to the side!”

“Korra has a point. We should stay focused. Azula, who are the leaders of the Order of the Golden Phoenix?” asks a different member of the Council.

“Three of my children – Shen-Yasu, Ziryu, Shorazo – are leading it from the Southern Earth Republic. They were also leaders in the Agni Kai Triad, working directly under me. There are likely also some local leaders, but I don’t know their names.”

“Those three... we never did try them, since they ran off during the Pheonix City Revolution.”

“So then, we should start by demanding they be sent here, along with compensation for damages?”

“We should also make sure that the public in the south is well aware of what happened here.”

“We’ve already asked the Fire Nation to start keeping better track of their military equipment, so we should also do the same for the Southern Water Tribe.”

“In my opinion, it’s been far too long since we last sent a delegation to the Southern Water Tribe. Who knows how the situation has deteriorated over the past few months?”

“I’d like to help with that,” you volunteer, as does your mom.





A long time later, after many different topics are discussed, you all depart, going your own separate ways. Asami and Biyong head off to go check up on Vanra, Azula heads back to Phoenix City, and you and your mom go home after a long day.

(What does Korra think of the meeting results?)
[][Meeting] This is fine. (may write-in further details)
[][Meeting] They’re not doing enough!
-[][Meeting] Declaring war immediately would have been justified.
-[][Meeting] Arming rebels immediately would have been justified.
-[][Meeting] (write-in)
[][Meeting] They’re doing too much! Nah.

It’ll be some time until that delegation to the Southern Water Tribe is fully formed. The Harvest Festival is also next week... if you want to have time to relax and have fun, you have some things you need to take care of first!

(Korra does three of the following and Senna does one. Indicate who does what in a plan vote.)
[][Event] Look into the hostile Uptown spirit. Korra will do this automatically.
[][Event] Go train for your match with the Tigerdillo! (Korra only)
[][Event] Call someone at the Northern Water Tribe: Unalaq / Tonraq / Deska and Esna (write-in details)
[][Event] Call someone at the Southern Water Tribe: (who?) (write-in details)
[][Event] Go talk to Amon
[][Event] Go look for Tarrlok
[][Event] Go see how the light and dark spirits are doing
[][Event] Hang out with your friends! (Korra only)
[][Event] Investigate the Order of the Golden Phoenix with Azula
[][Event] Train your Water-bending! (Senna only)
[][Event] (write-in)


Active member
[X][Meeting] This is fine.

Probably no point in Plan voting but here we go.
[X] Plan Minimal Writ-ins
-[X][Event] Go train for your match with the Tigerdillo! (Korra only)
-[X][Event] Go see how the light and dark spirits are doing
-[X][Event] Hang out with your friends! (Korra only)
-[X][Event] Train your Water-bending! (Senna only)


Alchemic Anarchist
Winning vote:
[X][Meeting] This is fine.
[X] Plan Organize
-[X][Event] Go see how the light and dark spirits are doing (Korra)
-[X][Event] Train your Water-bending! (Senna only)
-[X][Event] Hang out with your friends! (Korra only)
-[X][Event] Go talk to Amon (Korra)

Korra, Biyong, and Spiritual Battles (Month 9, part 9)

You decided that the first things you’d take care of would be the two spiritual matters – the hostile spirit in Uptown and the light and dark spirits you corralled to just the north of Uptown so they could fight without disturbing anyone. While not every light or dark spirit did as you asked, enough did so that the locals were able to deal with the rest. You checked in on several of them in Republic City and Phoenix City, and drove those troublemakers out as well. Many of the remaining light and dark spirits have now taken to indirectly fighting each other, blessing humans and other spirts in other to gain more influence, while some have taken to solitude and a smaller group seem to have started working together. Well, as long as they don’t cause any problems, that’s not a concern... right?

You’ll have to hope so.

In the meantime, Rika directed you to the hostile spirit she was talking about – a guardian spirit in blue and pink colors that was keeping the light and dark spirits out of the Uptown sculpture garden, and had eventually started attacking everyone that came near. But when the two of you went to visit, it seemed docile and even friendly towards you. You guessed that sending the light and dark spirits elsewhere must have mellowed it out, and congratulated yourself on a job well done.

You would get the full answer as to why it had changed its demeanor after you visited the light and dark spirits.

Directly to the north of Uptown was a large hill, and you’d told them to congregate there for battles. They’d built a makeshift ring out of stones at the top, though much fighting still occurred outside that ring in the woody and rocky areas on the way to the top. While you had been walking up a woodland trail to see how the fighting was going...

“Huh...? Whoa!?” were suddenly ambushed by a group of light and dark spirits!

With quick thinking, you used your Air-bending to keep them away and defend yourself, moving in circles and blowing them away. They existed in a variety of shapes and sizes, but none of them were able to break through your airy barriers.

“Avatar Korra... we’ve had enough of all this!” one of them shouted.

“Yeah! Hurry up and free Raava and Vaatu already!” added another one.

“I told you, I’m still thinking it over!” you shouted at the crowd, who then booed you.

“Yeah, right!”

“No, you’re not!”

“Well, think faster!”

“Let’s get her!”

They then attacked you again, and while they never got in any good hits on you, they were forcing you down the hill and back towards Uptown.

This was when the guardian spirit arrived and drove away all of those hostile light and dark spirits, and she followed along with it.


“Lady Korra! Are you okay?”

“Yeah, but what are you doing here?”

“The guardian spirit told me you were in trouble.”

“How... what... actually, you’re explaining this later. Keep close for now,” you said, and she did so.

When you, her, and the guardian spirit reached the top of the hill, the scene was closer to what you expected – various types of light and dark spirits either fighting or arguing with each other. As soon as they saw you, they stopped what they were doing and swarmed you, demanding to know when you were going to free Raava and/or Vaatu. You gave them the same answer as last time – you haven’t decided on when just yet, so stay up here and don’t cause any problems in the city. Some of them looked like they wanted to attack you, but between you and the guardian spirit they backed off... this time.

You left, feeling unsure as to how much longer you could put this off... maybe you could combine your expedition with the visit to the Southern Water Tribe? It would be after the Harvest Festival.

In any case, you put that matter aside, because you needed to talk to your friends about things. Luckily, despite all the preparations Biyong was making for her role in the Harvest Festival as a musician, you managed to corner her and drag her out to a teashop to chat.

As you both waited at a table by yourselves for the tea to come out, you noticed that she’s wearing a necklace with a blue and pink pastel amulet. You asked if she got that from the guardian spirit and she said yes, it was a sign of her newfound connection with it.

“But how did you find out about that spirit in the first place?” you asked.

“Rika told me.”

You raised an eyebrow. “And why did she tell you?”

“Because I asked her about it...”

“...Biyong, quit dodging the point.”

“I’m not dodging anything!” she protested. “What’s your problem anyway!? Why is it suddenly an issue now that I can help you fight!?”

“Help me fight? Biyong, what are you talking about? I never minded you not fighting.”

“Yeah, well I do! I can’t stand just sitting on the sidelines and watching you get hurt anymore!”

“What, so you think I can’t defend myself!?” you shouted back.

“No! I just want to help you!”

“I didn’t ask for your help! Besides, what if something bad happened to you? How do you think I’d feel?”

“Well... I... err...”

That seemed to take the steam out of her sails just a bit. Come to think of it, you might have been overreacting a bit too... the conversation went on for a bit longer, with Biyong admitting that it was just as much about her wanting to defend herself as it was about helping you with your various battles. Well, with all the stuff that’s happened in the past two months, you supposed you shouldn’t blame her too much. Besides, if she did actually learn how to fight, maybe she actually would be a help... granted, who knows how long that would take.

(Who trains Biyong?)
[][Biyong] Train her in combat yourself.
[][Biyong] Have Vanra teach her basics.
[][Biyong] Have Asami teach her basics.
[][Biyong] Ask the ex-Equalists for help.
[][Biyong] (write-in)

Thankfully, Vanra and Asami didn’t seem to have any major issues going on right now. You saw Vanra all the time at school now that her leg was healed up, and you’re both making good progress with your gardens. Asami’s doing well in college, as expected, and also let you know that the Experimental Station acquired a bunch of the Anti-Spirit Radio and were currently studying them, trying to figure out what else could be done with that technology.

(Does Korra help out?)
[][Radio] Yes.
[][Radio] No.

All of you agreed to hang out during the Harvest Festival itself, naturally.

So that takes you to today, where you plan on visiting Amon once you’re done with club activities. Vanra, curious about the masked man, will be joining you. Biyong will not, as she’s busy preparing her performance for the festival. The two of you departed from The Dragon Flats School for Young Ladies with Totola wishing you both a good evening. You chatted with Vanra over signs for your plans with Amon – the two of you were going to scour Yue Bay to see if Tarrlok’s bones were still down there or not.

(Did Korra want to talk to Amon about anything else?)
[][Amon] Yes: (write-in)
[][Amon] Nope.

But as the two of you made your way to Amon’s clinic, you had the distinct feeling that you were being watched... and Vanra agreed with you. It’s only once you get near the clinic and the spirit sheep-goats make his presence known that the man himself appears.

Tarrlok, again cloaked in all black, face hidden.

Amon steps out from his clinic, directing his patient (an older man) to leave.

“Brother... why are you here?” he asks.

“What, I can’t visit my brother every once in a while? But if you must know, I’m here to tell you not to bother with your plans. You won’t find my bones at the bottom of Yue Bay. Nor will you stop me from completing my own plans.”

“ have plans?” you ask. “I thought you just wanted revenge.”

“Oh no, I do. But I’ve gone beyond that... ah, but that’s none of your business.”

“...seriously? You know that’s just going to make us more curious, right?”

Vanra nods in agreement.

“Hmph. Well, if you want answers...”

He reveals his gloved hands and transforms them into claws, crackling with darkness and malice.

“...there’s only one way you’ll get them.”

(Do you fight Tarrlok?)
[][Tarrlok] Yes.
[][Tarrlok] No.

QM Note: The next update will end this month, and will be followed by the Harvest Festival and News and Rumors as side-stories.


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[X][Biyong] Ask the ex-Equalists for help.
Seems like the best way for her to help with Benders out there and doesn't distract our other friends from education.

[X][Radio] Yes.
Science Korra is fun

No ideas for write-ins sorry

[X][Tarrlok] Yes.
hehe Punchy
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Winning vote:
[X][Biyong] Ask the ex-Equalists for help.
[X][Radio] Yes.
[X][Amon] Yes: (Tarrlok, who he was and his personality)
[X][Tarrlok] Yes.

Korra vs Tarrlok! Round 1 (Month 9, part 10)

“Bring it on!” you shout back at the masked Tarrlok, ready to go.

Vanra worriedly makes a series of signs. “Are you sure?” “What about his blood-bending?” “Do you want back up?” and so on like that.

You ruffle her short hair. “I’ll be fine!” you insist. “But you’re right, that ability of his is a problem. Hey, Tarrlok!”


“How about a challenge? No bending from either of us.”

“Intriguing. Very well.”

He leaps down from the tree he was perched in, and rushes towards you.

“Not that it’ll help you, girl!”

“Hmph. We’ll see about that!”

Smirk on your face, you rush him down. As you get closer, you can feel the vile miasma surrounding him. But if he thinks that’s going to throw you off, he’s got another thing coming! You leap up and aim a kick right at his face, only for him to block it with one of his clawed hands. He then tries to grab you, but you jump out before he can and back-flip over him. Both of you turn around to elbow each other, and your blows clash, releasing a burst of spiritual pressure.

This aura... he has to be possessed by a dark spirit!

“So, what spirit is possessing you!?” you demand to know, as you restart your attack. You launch a series of punches and kicks that Tarrlok evades, keeping his distance, waiting for a chance to strike back.

“None of your business...”

Tarrlok coolly deflects one of your punches and tries to claw your face off...


...which you barely evade, backing away just in the nick of time, kicking his outstretched arm away. You’re separated again, but he takes the opportunity to start attacking, each claw swing aimed to maim. Now it’s your turn to evade, circling around him for a while. He overextends and you manage to get behind him and kick him square in the back...

“How dare you!”

...but he then launches himself at you, and while you evade his claws, he ends up kicking you in the stomach. Hard.


As you get up, he brandishes his claws at you and swings wildly. Back to evasion.

“You can’t run away forever!”

You glance behind you... he’s backing you over towards a small patch of woods. Trying to corner you. You dodge over to the side, taking things back to an open field, and then get back into close quarters combat. Despite his reach and strength, you’re better at handling a battle, so you get good blows in on him but he never does the same to you. At which point...

“Enough of this!”


...he cheats and using his psychic Blood-bending on you to freeze you in place. Despite your struggles, you can’t break out!

“I’m gonna gut you like this morning’s catch!”

The tips of his claws are now practically glistening in the sunlight, eager for your blood.

“Say goodbye!”

But before he can act on his threat, he’s frozen in place himself and several throwing knives impale him in the chest and head. Both of you then fall to the ground.


As you recover, Vanra runs over to you and hugs you tight while Amon checks on his brother.

You hug her back. “Hey, I’m okay, I’m okay... thanks for that.”

You then suddenly feel an intensely malicious spiritual presence!

Looking up, you see that Amon has backed away from his brother, who is now levitating and cloaked in a black inky and smoky aura, blood dripping from wounds exposed as the knives slide out of him.

All three of you are then frozen in place.

“Right, where was I... ah, yes, removing some troublesome interlopers.”

But before he can make good on his threat once again, two spears come flying in out of nowhere, attached to water tendrils, and impale him. In his shock, Tarrlok relinquishes his control, which gives Amon and opportunity to take control of Tarrlok instead.

“Gah!” is all that he’s able to get out.

Looking over, you see three people approaching, one of which is... your mom? The other two are Water Tribe members, wearing the characteristic five blue armbands of the Water Unionists, and they were the one who launched the spear attacks.

“Mom! Don’t get close!” you shout, and she stops where she is.

“That’s right...” adds Amon. “We need to purify this space first. Korra?”

“Oh! Yeah, let’s do that!”

The two of you bend some water out of the tendrils and try to Heal Tarrlok, try to push the evil spirit out of him...

“Argh! No! Not yet!”

...but he forces his way out of Amon’s grip by psychic Blood-bending you and Vanra, breaking Amon’s concentration since he needs to help the two of you out. Tarrlok starts to fall to the ground, but then the spirit possessing him manifests itself and violently drags him away, taking the spears with them. You catch a good look at it before it departs – it’s some kind of black and red squid-looking thing.

The two Water Unionists hang back a bit and talk to Amon while your mom rushes over to you and Vanra and takes you both in her arms.

“Korra! Vanra! What happened!? Are you okay!?”

“Mom, Vanra can’t talk if you block her arms...”

“Oh, right, sorry!”

You and Vanra then explain to her what happened so far – you wanting to visit Amon, Tarrlok appearing mysteriously, and the fight between you and Tarrlok.

“But what are you doing here?” you ask.

“Oh dear... I have terrible news! Your father’s been arrested!”


“Indeed,” says one of the Water Unionists. “We just got the news earlier today. Our information channels are severely out of date... this apparently happened weeks ago.”

“He, along with several others, confronted Unalaq over the actions of his agents in the South and were unjustly detained. We’re going to investigate the matter ourselves soon and figure out what’s really going on.”

“Korra, I wanted you know that I’m going to go North instead of South. You can still go to the South if you want. I trust you.”

“I’ll go with her!” Vanra insists over signs, and you and your mom allow it. Might want to get her dad in on it as well...

...that said, do you still want to go to the South?

(Which does Korra choose?)
[] Go South
-[] Focus on the political situation
-[] Focus on planning your expedition
-[] (write-in)
[] Go North
-[] Focus on checking in on Tonraq
-[] Focus on confronting Unalaq
-[] (write-in)

QM Note: Chatting with Amon about Tarrlok is on hold and will be done later, apologies. This vote sets initial priorities, you’ll be able to do other stuff afterwards.