Mission and Vision


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Smugcat.moe was initially conceptualized as two things. Firstly, it is a webforum for leftists- a place where leftists can express and promote their views and opinions through discussions and the creation of stories and artwork based on their principles. Secondly, it is a platform meant, in and of itself, to demonstrate the viability of self-governance in communities, both online and elsewhere, and ideally to serve as a model for future self governing communities to pattern itself off of.

... Ideally we want to use (Smugcat.moe) as a place to share our views through art, help create a hub for assisting networking of leftist media creators, signal boost them, help demonstrate how to organize similar groups... and assist people in creating those communities.

The purpose of Smugcat.moe- its mission- is one that the we have been trying to define in clear and easily understood terms for a while now. After a lot of discussion and revision, we have clarified the 'mission statement' of Smugcat down to fifteen words.

"To create a place to discuss leftist ideology, collaborate on creative works, and have fun."

This thread is a place to discuss Smugcat's mission, what people think about it, and what it means for the future of the forum.


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I'm glad this discussion is moving to the forum propper, I find things a little hard to follow on discord


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Either work
General human decency and not acting like an utter idiot. As some members here have made me feel slightly uncomfortable and I've avoided Discord as a result and are less active here.

Unless you can lay out clearly with logic why the other person is being unethical, then don't treat them like they are. In some cases like with racists, by definition they're awful people and I'm cool giving them the boot.

So with non fascists, show them exactly why they're being repulsive, maybe some will change their opinions, but often they won't and then I think it's fair to remove them if they are scumbags. Human beings have a habit of psychologically doing stupid shit and not being aware of the harm they are doing, if we eliminate stupidity from the equation, then it's fair game as they're assholes.

What I do NOT want is us descending to the utter idiocy of the right with our debating style and acting like idiots ourselves. As come on, the left and liberals should know better then that, we're not the one denying climate change. So no to garbage like "NO U" responses I'd say.


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Bumping this to add some stuff from the discord:
Proposed Mission Statement said:
Our Mission: To provide an inclusive and comfortable environment for leftists to have discussions, play games, and create art.
Proposed Vision Statement said:
Our Vision: We aim to create a self-governing forum where leftists from around the world can have meaningful and productive conversations in a positive environment.

For some further context: Mission and Vision statements are related, but not interchangeable. A 'Mission Statement,' for lack of a better piece of terminology, is a statement of what the general purpose of an organization is. A 'Vision Statement', on the other hand, is a statement about how we envision the process of accomplishing the goal set in the 'Mission Statement'.

So. Related, but different.

Also, as you might have noticed, the above statements are proposals, rather than finished statements. As one of our goals is to have a self-governing forum, we want the userbase to provide feedback on these positions- and, periodically, to review and revise them if necessary.

As such, I'd like to encourage that people bring up any concerns they have here, where there will be a more-or-less permanent record of discussion (as opposed to the ephemeral nature of discussion on discords).