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Immortal Lesbian Great Witch
So, yeah, I thought I'd make a thread for discussing everything that fits into this section of our forum that people might not want to make a thread for. If there's stuff you're watching/reading that you want to talk about or recommend or whatever, here's a place for it.

At this time, I'm just watching SSSS.Dynazenon. I plan to watch episode 2 very soon. I liked Gridman and I'm hoping I'll like Dynazenon just as much.

I've just finished the second volume of How Do We Relationship, a manga that drew my interest because it's focused on a lesbian couple dealing with the hardships of being in an actual relationship. I've also just finished the first volume of Forbidden Scrollery, something I decided to try because I want yo get into Touhou and manga is the easier option for me.

I'm reading a couple of light novels. Those are Other side Picnic Omnibus 1 and Roll Over And Die novel 1. The first is definitely a better book, though the second words as an indulgence.

Apart from that? I'd like to think that visual novels fit under the anime umbrella. So there's also my following of two different let's reads of Umineko. I really love Umineko and seeing different people react to the story and come up with different ideas as they progress interests me.