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  1. Bernkastel

    General Anime/Anime Adjacent Media Discussion

    So, yeah, I thought I'd make a thread for discussing everything that fits into this section of our forum that people might not want to make a thread for. If there's stuff you're watching/reading that you want to talk about or recommend or whatever, here's a place for it. At this time, I'm just...
  2. Bernkastel

    Quest Idea Sharing/Brainstorming Thread

    Maybe something that might be useful. I thought this could be a place for people to share ideas for quests that they'd like to run or participate it, however vague, and others could help them work on the idea and help get it started. Alternatively, it can be used to see if there are enough...
  3. Bernkastel

    General game discussion

    Here's a thread for game related talk, such as for stuff that people might feel wouldn't be worth creating a specific thread for. I'll start it with a query. I'm about to get a Switch. So I'd like recommendations for games for the system that you feel are must haves/are really good. It doesn't...
  4. Bernkastel

    The General Chat Thread

    Here's an all purpose thread for talking about stuff that you think doesn't need a thread, stuff going on on your lives or to ramble about non specific stuff. I hope this might be useful.
  5. Bernkastel

    LGBT+ Fanfiction Recommendations and Discussion

    Welcome. This thread is what you'd probably guess from the title. Are there fanfics under the queer umbrella that you want to recommended or talk about for whoever reason? Have you written that sort of content or intend to at some point? Here is a thread to talk about all of that.